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> Universitat Internacional de Catalunya Scholarship
Postuar nė: 15.08.2011, 14:05
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Deadline: 14 October 2011
Open to: Undergraduate students and students enrolling in the first university year
Scholarship: Not specified

The Universitat Internacional de Catalunya offers you a highly personalised university education with a strong vocational element.

This high level of personalised treatment is achieved by ensuring that there is: no more than one group per course; a maximum of 80 students per lecture, and one university professor assigned to every eleven students. The teaching staff, as well as delivering vital academic training, are also dedicated to providing students with advice and guidance throughout their studies.

A high proportion (40%) of the teaching programme is set aside for practical-based classes. Most of our teachers have professional backgrounds and the university nurtures a very close relationship with business via its work experience programmes. The aim is to equip the student with all the knowledge, skills and talents demanded by the market, while also providing a solid training in the fundamental values of Christian Humanism.

The international character of the university is a basic feature and also a necessary one for students. In this respect, 10% of our alumni are from overseas; students study English courses which are personalised to meet their academic and professional requirements and there is an extensive international exchange programme.

The awarding of scholarships by the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya is depends on whether students meet requirements in the following three areas:

•Academic (academic record)
•Economic (overall annual income of the family unit)
•Family (number of members)
General requirements

These scholarships come directly from the annual budgets of the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya.

Students will be denied financial assistance if they meet the requirements for other public grants or assistance, but have not applied for them due to:

•failure to comply with the submission deadlines for the application or failure to submit the necessary documentation.
•having insufficiently accredited the family unit’s financial situation.
Students need not wait for the release of their third trimester final grades in order to apply for financial assistance; they may apply as soon as the application process has opened.

Those who apply for financial assistance must pay their academic course enrolment fees through the appropriate channels (single payment, bank credits, educational credits) before the established deadline, independently of any application for financial assistance.

If the application is accepted, the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya will reimburse the amount of the assistance granted.

In the case of grant renewals, it is the student’s responsibility to stay informed and up-to-date on the University’s economic conditions and policies.

To find out about more opportunities of grants like Grants from the Ministerio de Educación or Grants AGAUR, visit following websites (for the Ministerio de Educación here, for Grants AGAUR click here).

Academics requirements

It is essential that current UIC students have obtained all credits registered for the previous academic year, with a maximum of two credits passed in resit exams, in order to apply for financial assistance.

While university entrance exams are still in force, school leavers will be required to have passed them in June.

Economic and family considerations

Family income is taken into consideration. It is calculated by combining all the family members’ incomes for the previous financial year. We also take into account the number of family members who are enrolled on higher education courses.

The family members whose income is included in this means test are:

•the father
•the mother
•in cases where there are no parents, the guardian or person responsible for the upbringing and protection of the minor
•the applicant
•unmarried brothers and sisters under 25 years old who were living in the same family household on 31st December of the year prior to that the application
•any older brothers and sisters suffering from physical or mental disabilities
•any grandparent(s) of the applicant officially registered as residing in the same household.
The simple fact that an applicant belongs to a large family does not mean they automatically qualifies for financial assistance as the disposable family income is also taken into consideration.

In cases where the applicant claims family and economic independence, they must effectively demonstrate this situation, providing all required documentation. They must also provide evidence of their economic means and documents detailing the ownership of, or rental arrangements for, the apartment they will be living in during the academic year.

Applicants who receive an annual income of more than €11.500 are not, under any circumstances, eligible for financial assistance.

How to apply?
Necessary documentation

(the omission of any documentation will lead to the automatic rejection of the application).

•Photocopy of the national identity cards belonging to the applicant and all members of their family over 14 years old, and a photocopy of the family register in which those younger than 14 years old are identified.
•The applicant’s register certificate, issued by the city council, which states the address of the family household and also describes the relationship between all the residents residing therein.
•The register certificates of any grandparents living at the same address.
•First year students enrolling at the UIC must present proof of the final results achieved in the entrance exams or, other equivalent studies. This may come in the form of a photocopy of the entrance exam card, provided it includes the average mark achieved in the exams, or of a certificate from the applicant’s college or school.
•Students transferring from other universities must present academic certification of the previous year’s studies.
•A photocopy of the previous year’s income tax declaration from all the family members that submitted one. All those who received income, from any sources, during that financial year but did not submit an income tax declaration, must submit atax return certificate (10T).
•Proof of all the income not mentioned in the income tax declaration (e.g. wages, pensions, unemployment benefits, redundancy payments, etc.), earned by any member of the family during the financial year preceding that of the application.
•A photocopy of receipts of the tax on rural and urban properties, belonging to all applicable members of the family, with the exception of the receipts which correspond to the regular family residence.
•A photocopy of a page in the applicant’s bank book, or a corresponding bank statement, which shows their 20-digit bank account number for the purpose of receiving the financial assistance. The applicant must be the holder or co-holder of the account.
Application form and period

The application forms for financial assistance are issued at the offices of the Students Services of the different campuses. Staff in the Financial Assistance Department of the Students Services guide applicants through the process, and help students to thoroughly check the forms before they are submitted for formal evaluation.

Application period

Until 29th July for students already enrolled at the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya

Until 14th October 2011 for students enrolling for their first year at the University (first year students or students transferring from other universities).

To apply for the grant, you need to fill in the application form found here (in Spanish). The filled in application form then need to be sent to via the email to

Universitat Internacional de Catalunya

Immaculada 22

E-08017 Barcelona

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