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Flori Bruqi
Postuar nė: 19.01.2007, 02:45
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Artemijes Propaganda Crusades

By Driton Vushtria
The ruling hierarch of Kosova, Bishop Artemije is continuing his propaganda crusades in his attempts to prevent self-determination of Kosova.

After meeting Pat Robertson in the United States last week, Bishop Aremije went to Russia to continue his campaign.

In his latest press conference in Interfax's central office in Moscow today, Bishop Artemije continued his appeals to the world to supress the right to self-determination for Kosova's 2 million residents.

"Talks about the rebuilding of churches are being held with a view of marketing - only to promote an idea of the independence of Kosova," he said in this conference.

He said that over 200 attacks had been made on Serbians in Kosova in the last two years - almost every day. "For instance, an old refugee who returned home was killed by shell explosion recently," he said.

As usual, he did not provide any facts to prove his claims. In addition, 200 attacks in two years that he mentioned does not equal "almost one attack per day" (that would be about about 730 attacks).

Many Orthodox Churches were damaged during the unrests in Kosova in 2004, when two Kosova children drowned to death after allegedly being chased by a group of Serb residents.

Kosova Churches are associated as havens of paramilitaries by Kosovars as during 1990's, Serb Chetnik gangs would gather there before going on massacring sprees against local population.

Kosova government has set aside a generous sum of money to restore all the Churches and Serb homes that were damaged since 1999.

Serbian Orthodox Church has also been under fire after a video surfaced recently in which Serb Orthodox Priests are shown together with Serb Paramilitaries accused of genocide in Bosnia.
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